Thursday, January 27, 2011


So starting last night we got hit with a huge snowstorm. Huge for this area, that is (about 6 inches). Obviously we were off school, so I've spent the whole day doing nothing! Things that count as nothing:
  1. Watching Dr. Who. I've recently become addicted to this show. My friend lent me Season 1 of the new series on DVD, so I've been working my way through. (Though I must say I prefer David Tennant to Christopher Eccleston).
  2. Wandering the grocery store looking for cake-baking items. This adventure was quite fun, especially because on the way out my sister and I spotted a new storefront... for the Museum of Unnatural History. Intriguing!
  3. With said baking items, we baked a huge (read: four layer) chocolate cake out of the Serendipity cookbook. It's not frosted yet, but it's going to be decadent. Can't wait!

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