Monday, February 28, 2011


I did a bad thing today. I snooped. And I didn't even mean to.

A friend of mine has a blog. I know she reads this blog. I know she wanted to keep her blog a secret. That didn't bother me, because everyone is entitled to secrets. I was in no way trying to pry, but I still feel terrible.

What's the likelihood of this type of thing happening? Maybe a million to one? There's this interesting little thing on all the Blogger-style blogs that allows you to see the "next blog", which I think refers to blogs that are similar to yours. So I was casually clicking through the blogs, because that's how I find interesting new things to read.

And then BAM. I see a good looking blog with an interesting title that contains a word I don't know. This word intrigues me, so I start reading. I read the first post, and it's quite good. Then I look at the little "About Me" box.

Shit. It's my friend, or it's pretty damn likely. And now I feel terrible, because I know she didn't want me to find it, accidentally or otherwise. But the writing is so amazing, and now I know it's there, so it's going to nag at me like a loose tooth. Can't stop worrying at it, and worrying about it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tomorrow Is...

Blue hair day!

It's been a long time coming. Last year I had red hair, the year before that I had purple streaks. Blue has been on my list for a long time, and now it's finally coming true! I had to wait til my birthday, because I don't have the money to pay for a bleaching job, as my mother refuses to let me do it myself. So my birthday finally came around, and with it my opportunity.

My parents are of two minds. My mom doesn't really have strong feelings one way or the other. Her refrain is "it's just hair. It'll grow back." My dad, on the other hand, does not feel the same way. I'm not entirely sure why- maybe it's because blue hair isn't traditional? He shouldn't be such a hypocrite if that's the case- he did a lot of "nontraditional" things when he was my age. Or the reason may be because when I dyed it red my mom and I... neglected... to inform him of our plans until after the fact. It was a good idea at the time, because he flipped out when he saw the red (and he saw red, hahahaha punny). So perhaps now he is suspicious, but at least we told him in advance.

Its' going to be a gorgeous dark indigo blue, that will hopefully fade to a light purple color. I'm not doing my entire head- just my bangs and a good portion of the top layer. I'm extremely excited! I'll hopefully post pictures tomorrow, while it's all shiny and new.

Best wishes, and cheers to colored hair!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can't Stop Thinking...

... about last night. It's kind of a problem, because I really have no cause for said thinking.

Last night I went over to a friend's house to watch the original Tron movie (from 1983!) because we're both total nerds and I really wanted to see it. (For the record, it was a very cool movie- old style video game graphics as special effects!) I had a good time, and that was fine. My friend is a guy, and that is fine as well. I've know this guy since I was three, and I consider him my brother and I'm like a sister to him. There's nothing "romantic" between us at all... we both acknowledge that would be extremely weird and awkward.

So why did we end up curled up on the couch together? It's a dilemma... I'm not sure I want to ruin it though, because it was super comfortable and not awkward at all. No kissing or anything, just kind of being there. In a completely non-romantic way. Thus the dilemma. Just what I need.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On A Music High

Good music + good weather = good mood. A sure recipe for success. Today was perfect in that respect. I spent two of my free periods outside basking in the sun with my friends. Then I had crew practice where we got to run outside, an activity I usually loathe. Today I was booking. Nothing could keep me from running. It was amazing.

Then I get home and tell my friend Aaron that I bought tickets to the Streetlight Manifesto concert in our area. He was super excited (as am I- it's going to rock!) and then he imparted a bit of interesting news: there are three opening bands, and one of them is Larry and His Flask. So I watched the very video that is linked here, and my first reaction was "Oh. My. God. These guys are AMAZING!" My second reaction was "Beards", followed by "That bassist is INSANE!" and "I can't believe I'll get to see them live!"

To cap it all off, the Strokes came out with a new single called Under Cover of Darkness. It's honestly my favorite song of 2011 and I can't wait for the full album to come out. I've been listening to the song on replay and I still can't get enough.

It seems that music is my drug.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time Is Stretchy?

Chemistry class:
I look at the clock. We've taken two pages of notes, and it feels like our hour-long period should be almost over. Lies. It's only been seventeen minutes. Class drags on forever, at least two hours by my internal clock, but the outer clock says it's only been an hour. How is this possible?

Spanish class:
A class I usually do not enjoy. The teacher is usually late, and today is no different. My internal clock is set to accommodate that. We're rolling right along, going through the homework, and I glance at the clock, thinking that it's been about fifteen minutes. Surprise surprise! It's been more than a half an hour! In a class that usually drags! Will wonders never cease.

Time is stretchy. That is my theory, stolen from Terry Pratchett. If you want to know more, read Thief of Time. It's an amazingly mind bending book, with monks, time travel, the Death of Rats, and Death's granddaughter (named Susan, thank you very much.) Oh yes, and a flying horse named Binky (owner: Death).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Everything Comes Together, Even a Little Bit

It's the best feeling in the world. Today was the third time riding Koby (he's the new horse I'm working with) and things finally fell into place a little bit. I won't go into details, as they will get too technical for non-horsey people to follow, but suffice it to say we had an awesome lesson. We jumped for the first time, and we managed not to fall on our faces. He hasn't jumped in probably almost six months, and I haven't jumped a new horse in forever. But we did it, and it was super fun, if slightly disorganized.

But something finally clicked. We're figuring each other out. He's a super fun horse, I can't wait to take another lesson. Lessons are the glue that binds a horse and rider together. Without lessons, no matter how good you are naturally, you can only go so far. But there's also the bonding time outside of riding, which makes the blood, sweat, and tears worth it. When your horse gives you a hug, or comes running in to the gate when he sees you. That's the best feeling in the world.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Persevering

I'm a quitter. I'll say that right out. If I don't have to do something, I won't do it. If it gets hard I'd much rather stop and go around or avoid it than keep going. Maybe that's why crew is good for me. My coach is a right pain in the ass, but he keeps me from quitting. I hate him (with a fiery burning passion), and I hate winter crew, but I'm persevering for purposes of being out on the water in the spring. For me this is a big gamble, because then I'd have to basically give up riding. And that would be quitting in and of itself, because I've been working so hard to finally get back in riding shape and get over my fear of falling off. So it's a dilemma, to say the least.

I'm not sure what I'll do, but either way I know I won't be quitting. I'll find a way to make it work. Perseverance is the key.