Monday, February 28, 2011


I did a bad thing today. I snooped. And I didn't even mean to.

A friend of mine has a blog. I know she reads this blog. I know she wanted to keep her blog a secret. That didn't bother me, because everyone is entitled to secrets. I was in no way trying to pry, but I still feel terrible.

What's the likelihood of this type of thing happening? Maybe a million to one? There's this interesting little thing on all the Blogger-style blogs that allows you to see the "next blog", which I think refers to blogs that are similar to yours. So I was casually clicking through the blogs, because that's how I find interesting new things to read.

And then BAM. I see a good looking blog with an interesting title that contains a word I don't know. This word intrigues me, so I start reading. I read the first post, and it's quite good. Then I look at the little "About Me" box.

Shit. It's my friend, or it's pretty damn likely. And now I feel terrible, because I know she didn't want me to find it, accidentally or otherwise. But the writing is so amazing, and now I know it's there, so it's going to nag at me like a loose tooth. Can't stop worrying at it, and worrying about it.

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