Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ukulele Nonsense Poem

To paraphrase Amanda Palmer:
Play your ukulele loud
Play your ukulele proud
"'Cos even if your grades are bad it doesn't mean you're failing"
She makes me wish I could have made
Any thing so quite as good
So catchy and amazing
It's just three chords
That's all it takes
To banish any evil
Play your ukulele loud
Play your ukulele proud
Art's not hard
Just do it! Now.
It's just liking knitting only not so stringy
Or so wooly or so 
Utterly confusing
Go out and buy your ukulele
Don't worry if you think you're stupid
It will probably make you feel better
Even if you have
No musical inclination!
I don't even have one and
I really really want one and
Perhaps I'll gift my self with one and
Busk my way though DC.
I'll play my favorite cover song
Even though the words are wrong
Bring joy for all the world to see
With the power of ukulele.

(Apologies to Amanda Palmer, and hear the original song here.)

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