Monday, December 31, 2012


Switching between tumblr and facebook
facebook and tumblr
where did my capital letters go?
When did I become reduced
to a string of meaningless (or oh so meaningful)
emoticons that sometimes jump up and down
in a semblance of reality?
When did I forget how to react?
Reaction here, behind a screen, is almost nothing.
Does the real world even exist anymore?
Can I find a place to go
when the internet signal blips
when tumblr's down
when I slowly and unconsciously scroll and click
facebook to tumblr
tumblr to facebook
even when I'm not online?
When did I give in?
When did I become better
at text to text communication
rather than face to face?
When did I lose my emotions
to mere dots and ellipses
colons and semicolons and parenthesis
and less than threes
and the oh so meaningful (meaningless)
of a sentence

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