Sunday, November 21, 2010


Last night, after I wrote the first blog post, I stole one of my mom's yellow legal pads, sat down at my desk, and wrote a 52-item list of things that I think about when I'm in the shower. The list ranges from Harry Potter to Terry Pratchett to coughing, markers, and librarians. I'm not sure why I made the list, except maybe as an outline of sorts to this blog. However, going back and looking at it, I realized that lists are pretty damn useful, and that they turn up in my life more than I thought. For instance, I have this handy little widget on my computer that allows me to put sticky notes on my desktop. I use the stickies to make lists of when all my tests are, so I don't forget that I have an English quiz on Tuesday or a math test next week. I also make lists of things I have to do for my homework, so I don't forget what books I have to bring home that night.

Lists have a certain power. They tell you what you've forgotten, unlike Neville's Remembrall which only tells you that you've forgotten something. When you write something down on a list, it stays. It's there, looking at you with it's little letter eyes and saying "Hey! Look at me! Don't forget!!!!" I just thought of 3 more things to add to the list, and wrote them down. Now I'll know what fodder I have to turn into (hopefully) lyrical and interesting prose. With a list that includes T-shirts, language, vintage, and heavy metal, anything is possible. I guess that's what's inside my brain.

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