Saturday, November 20, 2010

Showertime Contemplations

The name comes from where I do my best thinking. That's right- in the shower. There's something about it that just makes my mind concentrate while at the same time bouncing around on an amazing array of topics. Not really sure why I came up with the name, but it makes sense to me. I originally wanted to call this blog Walking Contradiction, but then I realized I don't walk a ton (except up and down stairs) and even though I'd like to think of myself as a contradiction, I really am more similar to other people then I'd like to be. This blog is sort of a sounding board for myself, as well as a way to keep those showertime contemplations from going down the drain along with my shampoo suds and random bits of soap. I'd say enjoy, but I don't know if this will be enjoyable, or even if I'll keep it up for more then a week. We'll have to see where it goes...

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