Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Patronus- HPA

So the Harry Potter Alliance ( is doing a thing this year, and this is my submission:

What is my patronus? It doesn't really have an exact form- more ideas than anything else. The idea that there is still hope in the world. Hope for a cure, hope for remission, hope for snow, hope for anything. The fact that there is always someone there- friends, family, anyone who can and will care. The fact that there is a tiny spark in everyone- that little spark of hope and light that will never go out. Not even the dementors can take it. It may take some work to find it, but it is there, and it won't ever go out. Even in the darkest night there are still stars, and those stars are the things that matter. Simple things: light, love, a smile, a hug, a warm cat, a horse. More than anything the simplest thing we can do is live in the moment. Enjoy the little things, the tiny bits of happiness and hope that make up a patronus. More than anything, the simple fact that here, and now, we are alive.

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